“Spoonful of fresh honey a day” secret to long life for resident at MHA Lauriston who turns 107

28 December 2023

A resident at MHA Lauriston has put her love for bees and a “spoonful of fresh honey a day” the secret to her having a long life.

Marjorie Bartlett lives at the Hastings home and celebrated her 107th birthday.

The home provides residential, nursing and residential dementia care for 60 residents and arranged for a bee themed birthday party.

The highlight of the day for Marjorie was a birthday card from chief executive Sam Monaghan and ranked it equal with the telegram she received from King Charles III.

Marjorie's nephew and niece came to the party, which was held in one of the residential lounges.

Staff and residents were also present and had the opportunity to listen to Marjorie playing the piano.

Dionne McEwan, home manager said: “Marjorie is a very quiet person and doesn't like any fuss.

“She was made up when we told her Sam Monaghan had sent her a card and she said it was in line with the telegram she got from the King.

“She said she felt like she was on top of the world and it was amazing to see and hear such a reaction from her.

“It was a great day, everyone got involved and the atmosphere in the home was beautiful.

“Marjorie  is a real joy in the home, she is still very active, plays the piano and is such a lovely person to have in the home.

“The card was a nice surprise for her, and just like last year when we asked her what the secret to a long life is, she replied a spoonful of fresh honey a day.”