Resident at MHA The Homesteads love for Lavender part of Seize the Day experience

31 July 2023

A resident at MHA The Homestead managed to showcase her love for Lavender as part of her Seize the Day Experience.

Mary Leeming lives at the Carterton home and “loves” Lavender.

The home provides residential and residential dementia care for 68 residents

She has made sure the home has planted some in the garden and as her Seize the Day experience staff at the home arranged for Mary to visit Cotswold Lavender.

The trip included a hot drink and despite the weather Mary had an enjoyable time.

The initiative encourages residents to re-experience activities or events from the past or to do something they would like to do for the first time.

Kirsty Ridley, activity coordinator said: “Mary loved her visit and couldn't believe it when we first got to the farm.

“Mary loves Lavender, she loves the colour, the scent and was picking some whilst we were there

“She was really in her element, taking in the space and kept looking at the Lavender she was surrounded by.

“Even when it started raining she was not affected by it and just continued to take in her surroundings.

“The staff at the farm were brilliant, both myself and Chloe were allowed free entry as we were with Mary and I want to thank them for their help on the day.”