MHA Amathea organises armchair trip to Egypt for residents

13 September 2022

MHA Amathea took its residents to Egypt all from the comfort of their armchairs.

The Workington based home set up the trip to educate residents on the country and prepared pharaoh hats to give residents an understanding of the culture.

The home prepared boarding passes and passports, and once the residents were strapped in with their beer or chardonnay off they went.

The trip included a quiz on Egypt, an educational session on Egyptian culture and landmarks, as well as watching some traditional belly dancing.

The home provides residential and dementia care for our 40 residents and will pick a new destination every month to keep residents entertained and informed.

Yvonne Burrows, activity coordinator said: “The residents really enjoyed the trip to Egypt and it's something that I feel will start to become a popular activity.

“Prior to picking the destination I asked the residents their choice and Egypt was a popular destination.

“I have been there twice myself and really enjoyed telling residents my own stories of the time I spent out there.

“A couple of the residents have also been to Egypt and they were sharing the rest of the group their memories.

“When they were watching the belly dancing, they kept telling me to join in and I did, which made them smile.

“The residents enjoyed making the pharaoh hats and it was a very successful first trip.

“We haven't picked our next destination yet, but the theme will be similar, and I am confident the residents will enjoy it just as much.”