Care assistant at MHA Pennystone Court celebrates 25 years in role

16 June 2022

A care assistant at MHA Pennystone Court has celebrated her 25 year work anniversary and says her love for the job is still as strong as it was when she began.

Kath Owen was given a surprise party at the home to celebrate her achievements, along with an award showcasing her time with MHA.

The home, which has 36 places for dementia and residential care was Kath’s first experience with MHA and she says ‘this will probably be my last job’.

She added: “I had worked in the social care sector before but I have really enjoyed my time at MHA Pennystone Court and still have the same passion and love for the job when I first started.

“Things have changed over the years which is normal and that is part and parcel of wherever you work, especially when it is as long as I have been here.

“I get along really well with the residents and staff members, and that makes a huge difference.

“We are like a family and I really enjoy the days I am at work, when you spend a long time with staff and residents you really get to know each other and for me it's a big part of why I am still working here.

“Working for an organisation like MHA has been good, they really do look after their staff members and I would definitely recommend it to others.

MHA Pennystone Court (Kath Owens.).jpg

“During tough times like Covid, we all supported each other and made sure we carried on supporting others.

“For those who are thinking of starting a career in care or have just started out, my advice would be to only do this job if you have a genuine passion for care and supporting others.

“The job is not made for everyone so only choose this path if you are serious about it and I am confident you will enjoy it just as much as I have.”

Lisa Robins, home manager said: “Kath is a well-loved part of the furniture here at MHA Pennystone Court and she is a very dedicated and committed member of staff.

“She knows all the likes/dislikes of the residents, and the surprise party was just a way for us to show her how important she is to us.

“She is a very shy person, but I am sure she loved the party and having all the staff and residents there was great.”

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