We're launching a brand-new website. Stay tuned for a fresh look and enhanced experience. Find out more

We're launching a brand-new website

03 June 2024

by Ashley Toon, Digital Marketing Manager, MHA


We’re excited to share a secret we’ve been keeping under wraps: the upcoming launch of our brand-new website!

For more than 80 years, our mission has always been to enhance the lives of older people, and our new digital home is a testament to that commitment. Picture this: a canvas where our brand comes alive, a space that radiates warmth, and an inclusive platform that invites you to explore how we enable older people to live later life well.

What awaits you?

  1. Fresh, contemporary design: Our website isn’t just pixels and code; it’s a symphony of colours, fonts, and layouts. The moment you arrive, you’ll feel the vibrancy of MHA.

  2. Captivating imagery: Whether it’s the compassion of our care homes or the laughter-filled community gatherings, each carefully selected image tells its own story of the lives we enhance.

  3. Intuitive navigation: No more digital mazes! Our website guides you effortlessly. Whether you’re seeking information about one of our life-enhancing services, how you can support our amazing work, or join our dedicated team, it’s all at your fingertips.

Accessible to all

We believe in inclusivity. Our commitment to accessibility means that everyone can engage with our services. Clear fonts, thoughtful alt text for images, and an assistive toolbar ensure that no one is left behind.

Increased visibility

Ever Googled “care homes near me” or “support for older people”? Brace yourself! Our new website has undergone rigorous testing to improve our visibility so that when you search, we’ll be right there, ready to make a difference.

Fortified security

Your trust matters. Our website’s security protocols are like a digital fortress. Whether you’re filling out forms or making an online donation, your privacy is our top priority.

Ready to explore?

We can’t wait to bring to you our new website later this month where you can discover the warmth of our care homes, the independence of retirement living, and the sense of community that defines MHA.

See you soon!

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