The importance of music therapy in care settings

23 March 2022

by Hannah Merchant, Music Therapist, MHA


As a music therapist in an MHA care home, it’s a privilege to work with residents and staff to support their wellbeing. The focus of a music therapy session is to support residents who are living with dementia or individuals who have been identified as having a specific need for additional therapeutic support. 

I believe music is a unique language that holds different, personal meanings for everybody, and enables people to express themselves in an individual way. Music therapy can also support a resident’s cognitive abilities, helping them to remain active and engaged, and supporting them in the lessening of some of their more upsetting dementia-related symptoms. 

A music therapy session can include, playing and listening to songs that may be connected to a particular memory in a resident’s life, as well as creating music on the spot together or simply talking. A key part of my work is collaborating with staff; creating new approaches which help to increase positive interactions with residents through the use of music or other sensory stimuli.  

During group sessions at Hampton Lodge with residents, family, and friends, the activities coordinators and care staff come together to sing and play familiar music that supports interaction, engagement, and communication. We are looking forward to celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, remembering the past 70 years, and singing songs that encourage reminiscence for all. 

If I could describe music therapy in three words they would be engagement, communication, and individuality.

Help fund music therapy

Help fund music therapy

Our music therapists provide both individual and group music therapy sessions which are free of charge to the residents in our care as it is funded by charitable donations.

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