Equality & Diversity

At MHA, we’re dedicated to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation across the UK.

At MHA, our ambition is to become sector leaders in promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

At MHA, we want to create inclusive workplaces where everyone can feel a sense of belonging irrespective of their individual characteristics. We have therefore developed an EDI Strategy to support our journey in promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), for everyone.

Our EDI Strategy is underpinned by three core values:

  • MHA will embrace the diversity of all our people: colleagues, volunteers, residents, service users, visitors, and everyone associated with MHA to create: a harmonious environment, accessible to all, reflective of the communities in which we work where people are comfortable to be themselves and to be able to realise their full potential.
  • MHA will challenge inequality in all its forms and will promote dignity, respect, and understanding within MHA and our wider community.
  • MHA will attract, select and retain a talented and diverse pool of people to work at MHA and will value the contributions made by everyone

Please click on any of the taps below where you will find additional information about each of the protected characteristics including information about our five EDI Networks.

Our annual OSCAR awards include an EDI award. Last year, Catering Manager Ann was presented with her E, D & I award. As part of the Pride Network, Ann makes a big difference in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Watch Ann receive her award.

The EDI group - driving equality through the organisation

MHA has a dedicated EDI group that works to drive equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation. The group is made up of colleagues, at all levels of the organisation, who are actively involved in supporting the progress of our EDI Strategy. Read the terms of reference for the EDI Group >

EDI networks - informing and shaping diversity and inclusion

We have also introduced staff networks that allow employees to work together to influence positive change within the organisation. The Networks also lead on promoting diversity events through educating and celebrating our rich workforce diversity. We have the following networks:

  • Pride in MHA - for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies
  • Race for Change - for people with a particular interest in race equality
  • Disability Network – for people with disabilities and allies
  • Gender Network – open to everyone including trans and non-binary people
  • Faith and Belief Network – open to everyone, with or without a faith

We are fully committed to the principles of EDI as this is rooted in our values of respect, nurture, and inspire. 

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

MHA is fully committed to equality and we pay men and women equally for the same role.

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