The maintenance of The Wilderness garden including its promotion, research and benefits is carried out by a group of dedicated volunteers that passionately contribute to the conservation and restoration of the garden. We’re always on the lookout for new Volunteers to come and join our dedicated team.

Roles of our volunteers will include ecological and horticultural conservation, local community events, learning, outreach and oral history gathering.

The project also includes the development of specialist ‘Green Care’ volunteer roles with a focus on supporting the MHA Hall Grange Care Home in the health and wellbeing of its residents.

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Outreach Volunteers

Outreach volunteers will support the advocacy of events and activities taking place within The Wilderness garden. These volunteers will also assist the Head Gardener and Community Coordinator with learning activities through a Wilderness Roadshow, a travelling exhibition that will promote a programme of outreach events.

Activities Volunteers

Activities volunteers will support the delivery of activities taking place within The Wilderness. These volunteers will assist the Community Coordinator and Head Gardener with the activities taking place in The Wilderness for residents, families, school groups and local people.

Event Volunteers

Event volunteers will support the delivery of public events taking place within The Wilderness. The event volunteers will support MHA staff, the Community Coordinator and the Head Gardener to deliver volunteer open days, Wilderness Information Days and other larger events such as the Grand Opening event and other historical re-enactments.

Green Care Volunteers

Green dementia care, or nature-based dementia care refers to indoor and outdoor experiences and activities that aim to promote health and wellbeing through interaction with nature for older people, particularly people living with dementia.

Conservation & Restoration Volunteers

The ideal candidate will work alongside The Wilderness Head Gardener and a team of dedicated Volunteers in restoration tasks to preserve this unique heritage garden.

Oral History Volunteers

Are you interested in history and storytelling, and love meeting new people? We are looking for volunteers to capture and record the contemporary memories of MHA Care Home Hall Grange residents and local people.

To learn more and apply for an exciting volunteering role at MHA The Wilderness, please email thewilderness@mha.org.uk