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MHA was founded in 1943 from the work of Rev Walter Hall and a group of Methodists who wanted to improve the quality of life of older people. Their vision was realised as Methodist Homes was born, in the time before the creation of the Welfare State.

We are proud of our links to the Methodist Church and that’s why we have supported faith communities for over 75 years. Our links with faith groups enable us to fund our life-enhancing services - chaplaincy, music therapy and MHA Communities.

About our Chaplaincy Service

Our Chaplains are dedicated to providing vital comfort and kindness to residents, relatives and colleagues in our care homes and retirement living communities, bringing everyone together in faith and hope.

Chaplaincy is a unique provision, allowing the people we support to continue to practice their faith should they wish to do so. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of our chaplains had to self-isolate and adapted their way of working so they could continue to provide support. Staying in regular phone contact with residents, relatives and colleagues, singing to residents from their gardens and even making weekly videos leading worship to be played in the residents’ lounge for all to join in.

This adaptation to life in lockdown both personally and professionally, ensuring residents and families felt their loved ones are safe, comforted and cared for, has been our chaplaincy’s biggest test and greatest success.

The daily devotion of our chaplaincy team brings joy, solace and hope to our residents, members and colleagues and ensures this unique service brings peace to many. 

We warmly welcome all faiths and beliefs and open our hearts to all who wish to enable people to live later life well. Your church and congregation can help us continue to provide this vital service.

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How you can support MHA

MHA Sunday 2020 & 2021 

MHA Sunday is an opportunity to give thanks and celebrate our specialist care and support, enabling people to live later life well across Britain though a special church service.

It’s not too late to organise your own MHA Sunday service for our 2020 appeal and view our beautiful 2020 virtual service on our MHA Sunday page. Here you can download our latest resources and order Gift Aid envelopes for your service.

Why not plan for MHA Sunday 2021? Always held on the second Sunday in June, which in 2021 will be Sunday 13 June, you can hold your service to raise funds on this day or whichever day is best for your church or circuit.  Further details and service resources will be available on our website early in 2021.

Hosting an event  

Your support is vital to MHA, enabling people to live later life well.

We rely on your kindness to continue providing exceptional care in our homes and schemes and offering our life-enhancing music therapy programmes for those living with dementia and our unique chaplaincy provision. 

Why not invite your congregation to take part in a coffee morning, quiz night or an afternoon tea for the local community with a bake sale and raise funds for MHA?  Remember to check the latest guidance on holding group events and remember you could always hold your event virtually!

Whether you’re arranging a sponsored event for the first time or something a little bigger than you’ve done before MHA will be with you every step of the way to help you make whatever you do a success. 

Check our fundraising pages or contact our team who will be happy to help or call 01332 221641 we can provide ideas and tips to maximise your fundraising and maximise your fun!

Worship Engagement in Later Life (WELL) 

Our chaplaincy team have developed the Worship Engagement in Later Life (WELL) programme, designed for faith and community leaders to help deliver religious services for older people living with dementia.

Offering tips, insights and resources, our video tutorial will help you discover ways in which older people can be drawn into worship in services that understand and respect their needs. Showing the importance of music, familiar stories, community and ritual, which all enable people to live later life well.

Visit our WELL page to view this invaluable resource. We would love to hear your thoughts on this programme and should you need further assistance with the WELL programme please contact

Become a Church and Circuit Representatives 

Do you have time to help MHA and help people to live later life well? Do you want to go the extra mile to support MHA?

You can be part of Team MHA by volunteering as an MHA Church or Circuit Rep. The role primarily involves liaising and sharing information and updates from MHA to members and friends within the Church. For example, promoting our MHA Sunday appeal and circulating our brand new Heart and Soul magazine. 

If you’re interested in volunteering as an MHA Church or Circuit Rep or would like to hear more please contact or call 01332 221641.

Christmas Friendship Appeal 2020 

Can your congregation share their Christmas spirit and kindness for an MHA care home resident?

Most of us look forward to Christmas and spending time with family and friends, but for many, the festive season can be a difficult time. We are dedicated to alleviating loneliness and isolation for those in later life and we’re asking you to get involved with our new Christmas friendship appeal this year.

It’s simple, take a festive photo. This can be anything from you and your family in Christmas jumpers, a beautiful winter scene to pets in a Santa hat! In the photo, we’d love you to hold or show a Christmas message to pass onto our residents.

Upload your images onto our website. We will deliver them (virtually) it to our care homes to pass onto our residents to let them know someone is thinking of them this festive period.

This small gesture of kindness could make all the difference to an older person this Christmas, bringing them a smile and some festive cheer.

For further details of how to take part visit our Christmas Appeal page>

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