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Do not cast me off in the time of old age; Forsake me not when my strength is spent. - Psalm 71:9

Partnership with churches and faith communities

The role of the churches, faith communities and their members has been central to forming MHA and continues to support vital services that help give later life meaning and purpose.

We rely on donations to provide community support in our 60 Live at Home schemes, a chaplain in every residential setting, and a team of music therapists for people living with dementia. We owe much to our volunteers - befrienders, fundraisers, drivers and many more - who enrich our care and support beyond measure.

Partnership with the Churches has been key to MHA’s reaching out to more and more older people for more than 75 years. 

Valuing God’s gift of age

Since MHA’s establishment by the Methodist Conference over 75 years ago, times have changed, along with the expectations of older people. However, the fundamentals of our approach to ensure that God’s gift of age is valued and shared have not changed and remain consistent with the vision of our Methodist founders.

We remember Moses’ injunction to ‘choose life’ and aim to make the later years of people’s lives as meaningful as possible. We are determined that all older people should have the support that they deserve and continue to place the dignity and personal choice of individuals at the centre of all we do.

How your church or faith community can help

Our hope and our prayer is that, as our work continues to develop to meet the needs of an increasing number of older people, the support of churches and faith communities will continue to develop as well.

Your church or faith community can help make life better for older people by:

  • Make a donation: all donated income helps to to provide life enhancing services for older people including our Chaplaincy Service. Make a donation today >
  • MHA Sunday: an annual opportunity to give thanks for over 75 years of enabling people in later life to live well and to support our specialist care and support services across England, Scotland and Wales. Learn more >
  • Arrange your own fundraising event: to find out more about how to organise your own event such as a coffee morning, please see our free fundraising packs and resources >
  • Appoint an MHA Church Representative: to find out more on what this exciting role entails by emailing
  • Volunteer your time: learn more about volunteering with MHA >
  • Praying for the work of MHA.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all MHA representatives who help us raise awareness and encourage support.

If you would like to receive our e-prayer letter or you are willing to give a few hours this year to help us spread the word in your faith community, please get in touch by emailing or call 01332 291843.

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