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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, our committed workforce has been working tirelessly to support the residents we care for. We, and our suppliers, have been working around the clock to source and move personal protective equipment (PPE) to where it is needed, to ensure the safety of our residents and colleagues, but it is proving increasingly difficult to do so.

But we shouldn’t be in this position and this is why we need your help. We need you to help us put necessary pressure on the Government and our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, so that we can ensure that our colleagues, and indeed all carers, who have become the second frontline are equipped with all the tools they need to safely do their job.

Nurses, carers, cleaners, maintenance workers, chefs, volunteers and many more are going into our services, half of which have coronavirus outbreaks. They do so to care for and protect some of the most vulnerable in society.

Additionally, we need PPE so families are able to wish farewell to their loved ones. We are asking the Government to provide our homes with adequate and reliable PPE not just for our colleagues but also to offer families.

We have heard the Government promise that they will help send more PPE to our friends at the NHS; but this rhetoric has not matched the reality on the ground for our care workers. We need PPE and we need it NOW. We are able to turn the Excel into a hospital practically overnight; we are getting engineers to make more ventilators. Likewise, we desperately need the manufacturing of more PPE to be commissioned.

As a society it is our collective responsibility to ensure that those people working on the frontline have access to the correct and necessary PPE. The least the Government can do is provide a flowing access to the necessary kit so they can continue to effectively do their jobs in the safest way possible.

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