As the coronavirus pandemic continues, our older people have been some of the worst affected by this devastating disease.

Even as lockdown is slowly lifted, it is not yet known how long the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will still impact their lives, restricting their freedom and increasing their loneliness and isolation. With limited contact from friends and family, they are feeling lonely, forgotten about and cut off from society.

We need your help to reconnect our communities and bring hope back into older peoples’ lives again.

For older people in care homes, they have not been able to see loved ones and for some older people living with dementia, it can be difficult to understand the need for self-isolation, social distancing and PPE which can cause anxiety and fear.

Older people living in their own homes continue to face isolation not able to visit shops or join the clubs and activities which were their lifeline. 

As the UK’s largest charity care provider, we enable people to live later life well, and are dedicated to connecting our communities and tackling issues of isolation throughout this pandemic and beyond.

We're dedicated to joining people together, even when apart. 

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