MHA & Famileo: Strength of Connections

Famileo provides connections that unite people, brings them closer together and helps combat loneliness and isolation.

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Being out of touch with friends and family can be hugely detrimental to the wellbeing of those in later life. At MHA we believe connection is fundamental to the happiness of each person in our care and the Famileo Gazette provides this, bringing a ‘little bit of home’ and untold joy to those who receive it each week.

A Famileo Gazette is a personalised magazine full of messages and images from their loved ones. Family and friends can use their smartphones, tablets, or computers to post messages and photos for their family member. Our care homes and retirement living colleagues print off the Gazettes for residents to read and keep. It is ideal for residents who struggle to keep in touch through new technology such as video calling.

To continue to provide this joy we need your help. A gift of £45 would enable all the residents of one MHA care home to stay connected with their loved ones for a month, £540 would provide this life-giving gazette for a year.

Any amount you are able to support this appeal with will go directly to keeping families connected, and residents in touch with the lives of their loved ones through the generations week after week, wherever they are in the world.

Please donate to support us, and if you would like more information, please email

Famileo FAQs

Does my loved one pay extra for this? 

No, it’s an added special extra that we fundraise for to cover the costs.  

Is Famileo an app? 

Yes, it’s a free app available for Apple and Android – go to your app store and search ‘Famileo’ to find and download. You can also sign up using your laptop or tablet on their web page

Ask a member of staff at your relatives' care home or retirement living for a unique family code to use. 

Do you offer any support for families using the app? 

The app is very easy to use but if you find you need help, our homes have training to use Famileo and they’ll be able to give you some guidance. There’s a handy video here on how to get started.

When you upload photos, are they seen by anyone else? 

No, the app is secure and only you and other members of your family that are signed up can see what you’ve uploaded to the app. Then the home or scheme will see your images when they print out the Gazette and your loved one can enjoy whatever you’ve posted.  

How do I get started? 

If your loved one is in an MHA care home or retirement living that uses Famileo, you'll be given a code that's unique to your family. 

1. Download the Famileo app or go to the Famileo website

2. Click 'get started' and follow the steps to sign up

3. Use your special code - this can be given to members of your family who want to contribute to the weekly Gazette

4. Get started uploading photos and messages on the app to send to your relative. 

Our colleagues will then print off your relative's Gazette and give it to them to read and keep. 

What does a Gazette look like? 

The magazine is in A4 format, with large text. It can also be printed off in A3 if even bigger lettering is needed. Each Gazette can contain up to 30 messages, on a maximum of 16 pages. The layout is automatic and messages appear in the order they were posted by the family. For maximum readability, there are only 2 large photos per page.

Click here to see a demo gazette.

Where do I go for more information? 

Famileo has a very helpful information page on their website. But if you're after more Famileo information specific to MHA, please email 

Help us continue Famileo

Help us continue Famileo

MHA would not be able to provide Famileo without the support of people like you so if you would like to help us further please donate today.

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