Sometimes it’s not easy or even possible for older people to pop out for their essentials. However, with Live At Home's assisted shopping service, help is at hand.

Live at Home communities are local community groups aimed at supporting older people to maintain their independence by participating in, supporting or leading a range of different groups, clubs and activities.

Each scheme is different - with a mix of services suited to the local area and tailored to meet the differing needs within the local community. Our groups provide various volunteer-led befriending services, offering support and companionship to older people who feel or are at risk of becoming lonely and/or socially isolated.

It may be an assisted one-to-one shopping trip with a volunteer, a volunteer doing the shopping on behalf of an older person, or a group trip - possibly in a minibus or community transport.

Types of assisted shopping services available

One to one trips

These shopping trips are suited to older people who require some support but are mobile enough to leave the house. You may need a little assistance with getting to and from the supermarket.

This service is provided by a vetted volunteer who’ll assist you with your shop and provide any support that’s needed. These trips also enable older people to get out and about and interact with others.

Doing the shopping for you

This service suits those of our members who require extra help and are unable to get to the shops themselves. A volunteer will find out what you need, do the shopping for you and then deliver the food to your home.

Group trips

If you’d like to meet new people, have some fun and a chat whilst doing your shopping then this is for you. Volunteers and colleagues accompany a group of our members to a supermarket nearby. This may be by minibus or via community transport. Christmas shopping trips can also be organised.

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