MHA is a pioneer of person-centred dementia care in the UK. 

With a reputation for providing the highest quality care, our person-centred care recognises each person as a unique individual and addresses their own spiritual and physical needs, with both reassurance and support.

Our purpose-built dementia care homes include design features which can aid those with dementia by:

1. Creating a familiar environment

Group living and homely, domestic-style kitchens and lounges provide the comfort of familiar faces, and places where good relationships are built and day-to-day activities such as baking can be continued.

2. Allowing ease of orientation

Simple building plans, viewing panels on communal doors and subtle use of colour on doors, carpets and corridors help residents to recognise their location and reduce anxiety when feeling lost.

3. Offering freedom and security

Easy access to all safe parts of the building with a secure front door and garden gives the freedom to walk around and enjoy the outdoors in good weather. A sensory garden is provided where possible for interest and stimulation.

4. Providing practicality

Private rooms with quality furnishings and en suite facilities feels homely. Subdued night time lighting creates a safe and relaxing environment. Homely and functional coverings mean that homes are not spoiled by spills and stains, which reduces anxiety.

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