Growing Dementia-Friendly Churches

This book provides practical advice and guidance to help churches ensure that their services are accessible and supportive for people with dementia. The content is designed to help congregants and ministers to understand more about dementia, its effect on spirituality and how to ensure that people with dementia continue to have the spiritual support that everyone needs.

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Crying in the Wilderness

Giving voice to older people in the Church - written by Albert Jewell and Graham Hawley, the book demonstrates that the later stages of life can reveal gifts, insights, and continuing questions which can benefit the church and older people alike. It is full of suggestions of pastoral action for individuals within a church or for the whole church community.

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Like Spring without Flowers

Janet Eldred earned the PhD in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Leeds. She has a deep passion for women's issues, feminist theology and older people. In this book, she presents the stories of  older churchgoing women in order to better understand their lives, concerns, needs and aspirations, and to develop practical outcomes for churches.

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Old in Years and Young in Soul

MHA has always placed a special emphasis on addressing the spiritual needs of older people. It is with this in mind that we have produced this book. In it we want to affirm the positive aspects of ageing, while at the same time acknowledging some of the difficulties that accompany older age. We hope that it will support older people, and those who care for them, in maintaining a life of prayer in later years. In this book, you will find contributions from eminent Christian leaders, from MHA residents, ...

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God, Me & Being Very Old

This book is not about old age, but essentially it is about old people, known and loved, or lost and bemused.  The heart of the book is hearing and re-telling of the faith stories of fifteen of the oldest old, all of whom are living in residential care settings.  The stories outline the lives they have lived and the impact they have made on their listeners.  The book outlines a theoretical basis for exploring the phenomenon of ageing and its effects on society as a whole, with particular emphasis ...

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Stories & Journeys: Lenten Reflections from Older Pilgrims

Five weeks’ of meditative material, introducing older people’s stories collected by MHA Chaplains, with reflections, questions and discussion points relevant to the stories. This Lent Course is designed for use in traditional Lent groups and also by older people themselves, in Care, Church and Community settings. 

Our Chaplains listen to the stories older pilgrims tell and, in particular, the stories of their ...

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A Challenging Faith

A sequel to 'Travelling on in Faith', this booklet explores some major Christian themes and how groups can share their experiences and help each other to travel on with faith and courage.

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Talking Points

The Chaplaincy and Spirituality department has worked alongside the care team to produce some conversation starters designed for use by staff and volunteers. These have been printed on four 'zigzag' cards and they offer simple and adaptable openings to initiate conversations with residents.

Many care staff are natural conversationalists who are adept at talking with and listening to residents but there are a few, perhaps new to the work or who speak English as a second language, who may ...

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Second Wind: Spirituality and the second half of life

Written by Martin Wray, Second Wind is designed for use in small groups over the duration of six sessions. Through prayer, worship, discussion and sharing experiences, we are challenged to explore questions such as, ‘What are the special gifts of our more mature years?’  'How does our relationship with God grow and develop during this time?’ ‘When do you enter the second half of life?’  Second Wind gives opportuntiies to reflect on our journey so far and offers encouragement as the ...

Minimum Donation £5.00

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