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MHA is fully committed to equality. We pay men and women equally for the same role.

The gender pay gap shows the difference in average pay between all men and women in the workforce. The UK average is 17.3% in 2019.

MHA’s gender pay gap details for 2019 are:

  • The mean average gender pay gap is 4.8% (12.5% in 2018)
  • The median average gender pay gap is 2.6% (4.6% in 2018)
  • The mean average gender bonus gap is 24.4% (3.5% in 2018)
  • The median average gender bonus gap is 0%
  • 3.9% of male colleagues received a bonus
  • 7.2% of female colleagues received a bonus.

Men are slightly under-represented in the lowest quartiles and slightly under-represented in the upper quartiles. MHA employ significantly more women than men, almost a 1:6 ratio which results in reasonably significant fluctuations from year to year. The mean bonus gap is due to a small number of individuals receiving full bonus.

MHA has a good record of commitment to equality and development of our people which we will continue.

Furthermore, MHA pays the real Living Wage for all as a minimum and this will have a positive impact of our gender pay gap going forward.

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