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MHA is a charity so it’s important to us that life at The Maples is affordable to all. Properties are available for rent. Some people may be eligible for financial support through the welfare and benefits system to access the lifestyle and property of their choice. We will support you in your application.

All-inclusive living plan

The Maples simple, all-inclusive living plan includes your rent, service charge (including building insurance, external window cleaning and the upkeep of shared facilities), heat, power and water to your apartment, 24-hour well-being service (with staffing on-site around the clock to deal with any emergency, co-ordination of regular social activities and daily contact if required - chaplaincy support is provided free of charge), one hour domestic per week, three nutritious meals a day and council tax.

Rental options         One bedroom studio                        £351 per week*

                                One bedroom apartment                  £426 per week*

                                Two bedroom apartment                  £506 per week*

Personal Care

The Maples offers additional care packages, ranging from just a few hours a week to more extensive options for more advanced care needs. If at any point you find you need a little more support, either temporarily or long-term, this can easily be arranged. You have the choice of five packages, encompassing levels of support to be found in a care home.

Personal care prices per person per week are:

A £90            B £135           C £180          D £225          E £270

* These costs are for one person; for couples to cover 24-hour well-being, all meals, Council Tax and service charge add:

                                  One bedroom studio                        £126 per week*

                                  One bedroom apartment                  £126 per week*

                                  Two bedroom apartment                  £127 per week*

  • The all-inclusive plan includes all meals to be served in the café bistro or one meal per day.
  • You can opt for 1 meal only per day, which reduces the fee by £45 per person per week
  • You can opt for a furnished apartment at £15 per week for a one bedroom studio/apartment or £17 per week for a two bedroom apartment.

The all-inclusive charge is reviewed annually at the end of March in line with the retail price index in the September prior to the March review.

The brochure states that a shuttle bus is included within the all-inclusive charge, however please note that we have decided to delay this provision and consult with residents once the scheme has opened.


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